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The Material:
Stainless steel alloy is 304 Grade. This offers excellent corrosion resistance and effectively combats tarnishing under most circumstances. In addition, titanium-coated stainless steel for the ultimate "gold" finish available. This material is comprised of #304 stainless coated with a thin layer of tinted titanium. Due to the fabrication process, the edge of all faces on letters and logos have thin lines of exposed #304 stainless that will be buffed smooth on polished letters, or stroked on satin letters to maintain consistency in appearance.

The Process:
Whether your project requires single-directional polished stainless steel or premium titanium coated stainless steel; your fabricated sign will be reproduced to exact specifications. Beginning with your artwork or any standard style, we use precision-guided lasers, routers or jigsaws to cut the requested letter, logo or shapes from thin gauge sheets of stainless steel or titanium-coated stainless steel. For most letters, 22-gauge material provides the proper balance of strength and weight, while some larger sign letters require 20-gauge material to provide adequate strength. The letter returns are produced from narrow band material or cut to size based on the desired letter depth and bent to the contour of the laser-cut faces to produce a hollow-backed letter with 90 angle edges that have clean, crisp corners and hand-soldered using a lead-free silver solder.

Tests on our welds indicate the ability to withstand temperatures below -40F and exceeding 350F. All fabricated products are either buffed, stroked or painted as per specification. Standard polished material is a high grade of single directional polish. Virtually no grain is visible to the naked eye. A truly non-directional polished material is available at a slightly higher cost for the most discerning customers. Brackets are soldered on the inside of the letters to receive threaded studs. This involves a welded strap joining the letter's returns with a stud-welded boss to accept mounting studs centered in the strap.

This method produces a strong fabricated letter by giving strength to the already-formidable welded side returns. Fabricated Sign Letters are recommended for retail or architectural letters that are at least 1/2" thick and where high-end quality fabrication is required. Fabricated Sign Letters can also be used in neon lights or LEDs to create internally illuminated signage. These "halo lit" letters with neon and LED lighting being commonly used by every organization, office complexes, financial institutions and other buildings that require an extremely high-end look for their signage.

Advantages of Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters
. Light weight metal installation
. Channels are perfect for LED and neon
. Virtually unlimited design potential
. Range of letter height is 3-1/2" to 47-3/4" in one piece
. True mirror polish finishes available
. Stainless Steel is much more durable than aluminum

Hand-Crafted Stainless Steel Beauty
. Virtually unlimited design potential
. Perfect for LED backlighting
. Earth-Friendly process, letters made with lead-free solder
. Lightweight and easy to install
. Guaranteed for Life

Fabricated Stainless Steel sign letters are premium letters and numbers that have been expertly crafted to meet the exacting requirements of the most sophisticated clients. Fabricated sign letters are hand crafted from stainless steel sheet, with seamless edges and returns that come either satin or polished. Our fabricated stainless steel sign letters have depths up to 5 inches which are more than adequate to accomodate LED and Neon back lighting. A clear lexan back plate can also be provided to keep most of the weather out.

Fabricated Stainless Steel sign letters and numbers can be shaped into a variety of styles and even produce simple logo designs. Finishes come in the following types: satin finish, polished finish, painted finish, titanium gold satin finish and Mirror finish.

. Polished / mirror finishing stainless steel material with electroplated golden color, 304 or 316 grade available, anti-rust and long life-span.
. Brushed / satin finish stainless steel material, 304 or 316 grade available,
. anti-rust and long life-span.

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